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Christmas article 38

38. Christmas Carols
     The tradition of caroling and Christmas carols is believed to have
originated in England when wandering musicians would go from town to town and
visit castles and other homes of the rich to give impromptu performances. But
there also is the belief that singing carols at Christmas likely came from the
group of angels, shepherds and Wise Men who visited Jesus at his birth, because
they worshiped the holy child, sang and proclaim praises unto Him. And after
their visit, they continued their proclamations in the street.
The origin of the word carol however, is thought to come from the word
'caroller,' which is a french word that describes a circle dance with singers.
And from the twelfth through the fourteenth centuries, the carol was highly
popular as a dance song. The use of carols then evolved to festivals where they
were sung as processional songs and others were used as part of religious
mystery plays in Europe. Some traditional qualities of a carol was that the
words expressed should celebrate a topic that was seasonal, have verses and a
chorus arranged alternately and have music that was suitable for dancing.
Although many of the carols that are now popular at Christmas time are very old,
there are others from earlier times that didn't survive. During the 17th century
when the Protestants, led by Oliver Cromwell were in power in England, many
Christmas caros were banned and consequently some were never heard again. The
Christmas carols that survived the Protestant Reformation period didn't become
very popular again until the mid-19th century to the start of the 20th century.
Many of the Christmas carols that were banned, and early Christmas carols in
general, had lyrics that expressed joyous and merry themes instead of the
serious somber words found in church hymns. During the time when carols were
banned, some composers and musicians wrote non-religious songs that had highly
varied choral music, which they called carols, for Christmas. After Christmas
carols again became popular, many of those songs were re-arranged with new
Christian lyrics and used by the church.
Making changes to Christmas carols continues in a different way today with pop
artistes singing the carols to different tunes and melodies to give them a style
that characterizes the particular artiste. Having Christmas carols with tunes of
contemporary or popular music of today means that they are also more likely to
survive because younger listeners will be interested in hearing any music that
is done by their favorite or other popular singers.
The popularity of Christmas carols in the United States increased in the 19th
century, as it did in England, because many of the traditions related to
Christmas came to the United States from England. The United States and England
also have closely linked religious observances, which also accounts for the
popularity and similarity of Christmas carols that are enjoyed in both
Today, radio stations are the first to play Christmas carols, usually starting
toward mid-November, to signal the coming season. At the start of December when
the Christmas season official begins, mall stores and other retail
establishments will begin to pipe Christmas carols and songs through their
places of business.
The singing of carols at churches, schools, and by groups performing at malls
usually will be a common sight starting in early to mid-December. Carol singing
as a part of Nativity plays and concerts at churches and schools is usually in
full swing by mid-December as the Christmas season gets into high gear and the
countdown to Christmas Day begins.
Whether it's the traditional tune or popular makeovers of Christmas carols that
you enjoy, listening to them is part of an old Christmas tradition. And any
version of a Christmas carol that is played will serve the purpose of putting
you in a festive mood for Christmas that you may even want to dance, just like
the music of original carols was meant to do.


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If you are not sure when to take CIALIS, ask your doctor or health care professional.

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It is known that a very small number of men have lost their eyesight after taking Cialis. This happens because blood flow is blocked to the optic nerve. People who have any kind of heart trouble, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or any eye problems are more likely to suffer from vision problem. Therefore they are advised not to take Cialis or if required only after consultation with a doctor.

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Chrysler wooing jeep clients with off road experience tests

Chrysler Wooing Jeep Clients With Off-road Experience Tests

It might be a long way from the outback or actual off road driving but Chrysler is becoming very innovative in its marketing efforts to allow potential clients to experience the Jeeps trail rated difference!

In early October at the South Florida International Auto Show, Chrysler set up what they called Camp Jeep. To those less term enriched, Jeep made a driving exhibit to give test drivers the real-life experience of driving a Jeep off road. This was no minor feat for Jeep. To build their course at the Miami Beach Convention Center, they had to haul in over 220 yards of mulch and spend almost six days developing the obstacle course. The trail featured a water obstacle and an 18-foot hill as well as other driving challenges. All to show potential clients just what a Jeep can do out on the trails.

If this wasnt enough, Chrysler is going it one better at their upcoming "Full Throttle Test Drive Event" at the Wild Rivers Water Park in Irvine, CA (Los Angeles area) this Saturday (Oct. 28) and Sunday (Oct. 29). Chrysler will be featuring its full line of vehicles on three different specialty courses, one of which will be a 4x4 off-road adventure course. Consumers will get the chance to test the off-road capability of Chryslers Jeep Wrangler, Grand Cherokee and Commander on the course.

This event will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day and is free. Food and drinks will be available. People interested in attending are being encouraged to pre-register for a general arrival time on Saturday or Sunday by calling 888-809-7088 or visiting http:. Pre-registration is not required to attend. You do need to be 18 years or older with a valid drivers license to participate in the vehicle driving tests.

Is it worth the expense to construct these man-made obstacle courses? Chrysler must think so and some marketing studies would seem to indicate that it is as well. According to market research, 40% of the people that attend these types of auto shows will buy a vehicle within a year of the event.

We applaud Chrysler for their innovative way to demonstrate their vehicles performance and to give people a chance to see for themselves what they feel like out on the trails. We look for more marketing innovations out of Chrysler as they make a push to further strengthen their off-road image.

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Ciphering the Tagalog Language

This article is a quick explanation of the differances in the Languages of the Philippines. With over 175 dialects, and the confusion over what is Tagalog , what is Filiipino, this article explains what you need to know.

Language, Tagalog, Filipino, Pilipino

Learning the Tagalog Language is essential if you plan to communicate in the Philippines. Tagalog is sometimes also called Filipino or the Pilipino Language. So as not to get confused, let me explain the difference between the terminologies. Tagalog is the national language of the Philippines. It is spoken by about 23% of the population. The remaining spoken languages, the remaining 77%, is divided among approximately 175 other dialects. Tagalog, being the Official National Language of the Philippines, is considered as the base language. If you look at the other dialects, you will see numerous Tagalog and Tagalog derivatives in them. And most who do speak these other dialects, understand some Tagalog.
So learning Tagalog is essential.

That being said, you may wonder what Filipino or Pilipino is. This is a combination of both Tagalog and other dialects and languages. Filipino or sometimes Pilipino (its older name) is an amalgamation of all the Philippines languages, English and Spanish combined toget


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Christmas at disneyland 185

Christmas at Disneyland

Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year
for a child. Spending the happiest time of the year,
at the happiest place on earth, could be a dream
that comes true for many children and adults.
Christmas at Disneyland is an experience that will
never be forgotten, and can never be matched.

Disneyland works to make Christmas very special.
Santas Reindeer Roundup is especially fun, allowing
children to decorate christmas cookies with Mrs.
Clause, play Reindeer Games, and make holiday
souvenirs. Between seeing all of the characters
dressed up in their holiday costumes and enjoying
the snow after the Fireworks, Christmas at
Disneyland cannot be topped!

Make sure that you visit the Christmas Shoppe and
buy a special holiday ornament. Also, take part in
all of the special holiday rides. Visiting Disneyland
at Christmas time is unlike any other Disneyland
vacation you will ever take. Make sure you get a
picture of the Christmas tree!

Even though Christmas is considered to be
off-season you should be prepared for crowds.
Christmas is a very popular time to visit
Disneyland. Make reservations well in advance.


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