Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ciphering the tagalog language

Ciphering the Tagalog Language

This article is a quick explanation of the differances in the Languages of the Philippines. With over 175 dialects, and the confusion over what is Tagalog , what is Filiipino, this article explains what you need to know.

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Learning the Tagalog Language is essential if you plan to communicate in the Philippines. Tagalog is sometimes also called Filipino or the Pilipino Language. So as not to get confused, let me explain the difference between the terminologies. Tagalog is the national language of the Philippines. It is spoken by about 23% of the population. The remaining spoken languages, the remaining 77%, is divided among approximately 175 other dialects. Tagalog, being the Official National Language of the Philippines, is considered as the base language. If you look at the other dialects, you will see numerous Tagalog and Tagalog derivatives in them. And most who do speak these other dialects, understand some Tagalog.
So learning Tagalog is essential.

That being said, you may wonder what Filipino or Pilipino is. This is a combination of both Tagalog and other dialects and languages. Filipino or sometimes Pilipino (its older name) is an amalgamation of all the Philippines languages, English and Spanish combined toget


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